Dead Sea Water

  • Mineral Foot Cream
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    Mineral Foot Cream

    An effective moisturizer that softens and renews feet to prevent cracks and splits.
  • Mineral Shower Gel
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    Mineral Shower Gel

    A mineral based shower gel that provides balanced daily cleansing and hydrating properties.


    The waters of the Dead Sea are rich in skin healthy minerals that are essential in maintaining vital, supple, well hydrated body skin.

  • Mineral Body Lotion
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    Mineral Body Lotion

    A quick absorbing lotion that increases skin’s moisture, providing it with all day comfort.
  • Mineral Body Exfoliator
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    Mineral Body Exfoliator

    A 2-in-1 cleansing and exfoliating gel that removes dead cells and stimulates skin-renewal.
  • Mineral Shampoo 46% More
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    Mineral Shampoo 46% More

    A gentle shampoo specially formulated to thoroughly cleanse hair and scalp, while restoring hydration. Now 46% bigger!
  • Mineral Conditioner
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    Mineral Conditioner

    A lightweight conditioner specially formulated to restore hydration and thoroughly condition and soften hair.