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Please note that AHAVA AUSTRALIA does not supply to websites such as STRAWBERRYNET, EBAY, AMAZON etc. As a result we at AHAVA AUSTRALIA cannot refund or exchange the product should there be any issues with the product, packaging, skin response etc.

Diverted Products can be Dangerous

At AHAVA safety is our top priority and products sold outside of the intended channels of distribution risk the possibility of quality issues and safety concerns. Unauthorised products found in grocery stores, shopping centres, or on the internet, can be outdated, discontinued, tampered with or counterfeit. The only way to guarantee that the AHAVA products you are purchasing are genuine, is to buy them from one of our authorised outlets, or online retailers.

Furthermore, our AHAVA Australia authorised stockists and authorised online sellers are not just sales people; they are fully-trained product experts and skin specialists, who will provide you with professional, caring and expert advice.

Trust your skin with our team. Deal with an authorised AHAVA Australia stockist for all your product and skin care needs and for personalised service.

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Please phone:  1800 824 282

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For wholesale enquires:

Please phone:  1800 824 282

Or email:  [email protected]


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These online retailers deal with us direct, so your purchases are guaranteed.